Grandad's Shed Plaque


A lovely personalised oval plaque. Can be personalised with any saying

Painted in any colours

This item will also be sealed to make it better resistant against water moisture


Grandad’s Shed Plaque

A lovely personalised oval plaque. Any grandad would be happy to proudly let everyone know that it’s his shed and no-one else’s. We all know a grandad that loves his shed and is very protective of everything in it.

We can personalise with any wording or saying.

Hand painted in any colours.

We will seal this item with a waterproof sealant. This is to make it better resistant against water moisture.

Grandad’s Shed Plaque 200mm by 90mm by 4mm thick

Made using FSC certified MDF from sustainable sources.

Tip: We find acrylic paints work really well. To glue to another surface any wood glue and even PVA works well as they are very light weight.

We use sustainable FSC certified wood for nearly 95% of our products.

All of our packing is either recyclable or we have recycled it from another company again saving any unnecessary packaging going into landfill.

We aim to increase our reusable and recyclable products and packaging even more in the near future. Our passion is to provide sustainable products, decorations, medals, gifts and craft supplies to as many people as possible.

We are based in the beautiful countryside on the Devon and Cornwall border in the UK.


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