Tree of life mandala




A beautiful wooden tree of life layered mandala.
This piece makes the perfect calming and grounding addition to any altar or space.

This item is supplied as 2 separate layers so they can be glued or painted as desired.

Various sizes available.

Made using fsc certified mdf

Tip: We find acrylic paints work really well. To glue to another surface any wood glue and even PVA works well as they are very light weight.

If our products are being used in an area where there might be a case of damp we use a plant based waterproof sealer to help protect the product from water moisture.

We use sustainable FSC certified wood for nearly 95% of our products because we are very passionate about doing our little bit for the planet.

All of our packing is either recyclable or we have recycled it from another company.

Everything that we have to offer (apart from blanks) have all been carefully hand painted by our in house Sophella crafts team.

We aim to increase our reusable and recyclable products and packaging even more in the near future. Our passion is to provide sustainable products, decorations, medals, gifts and craft supplies to as many people as possible.



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